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Radio programmes for refugees in Uganda

With so many South Sudanese living in refugee camps in northern Uganda, The Brickworks has sponsored 48 radio programmes promoting peace, reconciliation and trauma healing to be transmitted into the refugee camps in local languages.  The programmes were made by FAITH Uganda and proved to be very popular.

Need for more clinics in refugee camps

Having been involved in successful open air clinics like the one in the photo and mobile clinics in Yei, South Sudan, The Brickworks is keen to explore whether it can partner with the church to use the skills of displaced health staff from Martha Clinic to open an Eye Clinic in the BidiBidi refugee camp in northern Uganda.

Asiki Fobat now in final year of training in Kampala

The Brickworks sponsors Asiki (on left) who is training to be a Clinical Officer at the International Health Sciences University in Kampala. He is pictured with our Secretary, Poppy Spens, and with Edward Lemi.  Edward was also studying at IHSU and we are thrilled that he has now achieved his dream of training to be a doctor.

New clinic at KajoKeji

The Brickworks has been working with Medic Assist International to raise funds for the construction of a new Primary Health Care Centre for the Diocese of KajoKeji.  The construction was completed at the end of 2016 and the clinic can open as soon as the security situation in KajoKeji improves. Meanwhile staff training is in progress.

Winchester Hospital Health Link

Over the past six years, about 25 staff from the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester have made visits to Yei, as part of the link with Yei Civil Hospital. The teams work alongside local staff, training, encouraging, learning suggesting things and even fixing broken hospital equipment. In October a small team from Winchester flew to Arua in Uganda where they provided some revision help to some of the students at the KajoKeji Health Training Institute. The photo shows one of the teams at the end of their visit in November 2015. Find out more >