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Under tree primary schools in refugee camps

With so many children in the camps, there are not enough primary schools for everyone and class sizes can be enormous. In Palorinya camp, four ECSS churches from the Diocese of KajoKeji started their own primary schools which The Brickworks supports by building temporary classrooms, paying teachers and providing basic equipment and books. These four schools cater for more than 4,000 children.

10th anniversary sponsored walk raises £10,000

The Brickworks celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and to mark this occasion invited friends and supporters to participate in a 21 mile sponsored walk from Devizes to Bath.  20 people from all over the country joined the walk and the amount raised for the Martha Clinic, for cataract surgery and for under-tree primary schools topped £10,000.  Thank you to everyone who joined us and for those who generously sponsored the walkers.

Medical student graduates

We are delighted to celebrate the graduation of our first sponsored medical student, Kana Dan James, who used to be a nurse at the Martha Clinic in Yei.  Congratulations Dr Kana Dan!  We wish you every success in your future medical career.

Winchester Hospital Health Link

Over the past ten years, about 25 staff from the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester have made visits to Yei, as part of the link with Yei Civil Hospital. The teams work alongside local staff, training, encouraging, learning, suggesting things and even fixing broken hospital equipment. Recently our teams have taught students at the KajoKeji Health Training Institute in Arua, Uganda but due to COVID-19 we are unable to send a team this year. We hope that we may be able to send one or two teams in 2021.  The photo is of one of the teams at the end of their visit.

Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults

The Brickworks treats very seriously any abuse of children, young people or vulnerable adults.  It has adopted a zero tolerance policy.  If you know of or suspect any inappropriate behaviour by an adult in one of our projects, please report this to our independent safeguarding adviser by email to: .  Thank you.