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Radio programmes for refugees in Uganda

With so many South Sudanese living in refugee camps in northern Uganda, this year The Brickworks has sponsored 96 radio programmes promoting peace, reconciliation and trauma healing to be transmitted into the refugee camps in local languages.  The programmes were made by FAITH Uganda and are proving very popular.

Under tree primary schools in refugee camps

With so many children in the camps, there are not enough primary schools for everyone and class sizes can be enormous. In Morobi camp, four ECSS churches from the Diocese of KajoKeji started their own primary schools which The Brickworks supports by building temporary classrooms, paying teachers and providing basic equipment and books. See this short film about Miriam.

Dignity Kits for camp women

The Brickworks was very happy to support a Mothers’ Union training programme for women in the Morobi refugee camp.  In the programme, several hundred women and girls are taught how to make their own dignity kits.  This has proved a great success.  This link shows one of the training programmes that two of the Trustees visited in March 2018.

Medical student soon to graduate

A core part of the work of The Brickworks is to invest in the training of medical staff, teachers and pastors.  One such student, Kana Dan James, used to be a nurse at the Martha Clinic in Yei but is now in his final year of training to be a doctor, at the University of Juba.

Winchester Hospital Health Link

Over the past six years, about 25 staff from the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester have made visits to Yei, as part of the link with Yei Civil Hospital. The teams work alongside local staff, training, encouraging, learning suggesting things and even fixing broken hospital equipment. In 2017 a small team from Winchester flew to Arua in Uganda where they provided some revision help to some of the students at the KajoKeji Health Training Institute. The photo shows one of the teams at the end of their visit in November 2015. Find out more >