Winchester Yei Health Link

Kordo giving a lecture

One of the things we take for granted are the brilliant health facilities that we have access to in the UK.  If you live near Yei, South Sudan, you could visit Yei Civil Hospital but there may only be one or two qualified doctors on duty and a handful of nursing staff.  There may be few medicines.

The NHS is encouraging links between UK Trusts and health facilities in developing countries.  In the Wessex region, there are now three links with hospitals in South Sudan.

In November 2010, The Brickworks helped arrange for a group of four staff to make an exploratory visit to Yei Civil Hospital and the Martha Clinic.  The staff spent a week visiting Yei Civil Hospital and the Martha Clinic and meeting staff.  They were very impressed with how well the staff were coping with such limited resources. The team identified some areas in which they could train Yei staff and identified other areas where a new piece of equipment may be required.  An early purchase was a new delivery bed for the maternity unit.

The Link has now grown to include teaching at the Yei National Health Training Institute and the KajoKeji Health Training Institute.

The Brickworks wants to support this worthwhile link and has agreed that it can be used to channel funds from well wishers towards the costs of future trips, and particularly to meet the costs of lower paid staff who would not otherwise be able to pay for the trip.

Our next goal

In October 2022 to send a small team to teach at the KajoKeji Health Training Institute. The Institute has recently moved to a new location in Arua, Uganda due to insecurity in KajoKeji.

Did you know?

They are more hospital consultants at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital than there are practising doctors in the whole of South Sudan.

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