Health Students

Health Care Assistant graduation in Kampala

The Brickworks is very committed to training quality health staff.  There is a huge need in South Sudan to train health staff and The Brickworks has made this one of its priorities.

Our first sponsored student was Charles Agele who graduated with a degree in Health Management from the International Health Sciences University in Kampala.  He worked for 10 years as Manager of the Martha Clinic in Yei but has now started to train as a nurse. “I am so grateful to The Brickworks for giving me this amazing opportunity for study,” said Charles Agele, who was a former refugee in Congo before he began his career as a health care assistant at the Martha Clinic.

Recently, thanks to a grant from ECHO, a UK charity, Nelson Chandiga (left) was given a scholarship to study for a Bachelors in Public Health degree at the Clarke International University in Kampala.  He graduated in December 2021.


Poppy Spens, who now advises the Martha PHCC said: “During my few years in South Sudan, we were able to find and fund training courses for more than 50 South Sudanese young people who wanted to develop their skills in health care.   This number includes doctors, clinical officers, nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians and health care assistants”.

Our next goal

To continue to support the training of health students.

Did you know?

There is a great shortage of doctors, nurses and midwives in South Sudan.

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